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Application range of Ultra High Pressure Waterjet

High pressure water jet cutting machine is widely used in cutting composite materials, rubber, granite, marble, leather, nylon, glass, cloth, tile, food, wood, metal, low melting point, inflammable and explosive materials, such as paper, ammunition, etc.


Longitudinal waterjet has the following advantages

Before the appearance of vertical cutting water cutter, we usually processed parts through traditional production machines, but there are many disadvantages, such as: the overall processing accuracy is not guaranteed, processing time is long, easy to caus


Cutting Accuracy and Cutting Speed Control of Water Cutter

The waterjet is machined by using ultra-high pressure technology. The waterjet can be used to cut soft-based materials by pressurizing ordinary tap water to 250-400 Mpa pressure, and then spraying it out through a gem nozzle with an inner hole diameter of


Machining Technology of Waterjet

In order to reduce costs better, engineers and manufacturers continue to explore, now waterjet can effectively reduce costs and create greater profits. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more application technology of waterjet in order to use the lowest


Operating skills of seam compensation for waterjet machine

When the wtaterjet cuts, according to the NC instructions, the trajectory of the cutting path is the theoretical size, and the actual cutting size will have a slight deviation. This is because there is a slit in the cutting process, and the slit is the lo

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