What’s agent?
Why be a APW agent?
How to be a APW agent?
More choices for your customer (5 SERIES PUMPS, 6 TYPES OF TABLE)
More choices for your customer

Structured products make up of best combo

Detail in products list

Keep your own brand

Perfect and complete OEM services in China, includes color, profiling, brand marke, manual, E-book

Best agent support

Advance shipment

Emergency Scheduling

Xhibition cooperation

24H tech-support online

Free customized desgin

Free 2 persons training per year in China

Flexible copperation methods

Annual ordering contract

Customized model

Upgrade old waterjet

Regional price protection

Information agent

Personal commission

Business leads share

Overseas warehouse co-building

Stable supply and Continuous innovation

6 Workshops, 30 engineers, 150workers, 500 sets of waterjet capacity per year

200 Patents for waterjet

Forward looking products, such as 48L/min pump for CNOOC in 2021, 620MPa pump, portable waterjet for petrochemical industry in 2022, machine vision solution in 2023