Solutions for your cutting work
Why use waterjet cut?
  • Cold cutting process smooth
  • Clean-cut edge
  • A wide varity of materials
  • Virtually materials by one machine
  • Any shape drawn by CAD
  • 3D capabilites
What’s the limited of waterjet cut?
  • Material of hardness less 6.5
  • Tight tolerances lower than 0.7 mm
  • Stacked materials which are easy to sep
Which industry does use waterjet cut?
  • Nearly all industries in any process steps from prototyping to production
  • High performance in rough-shape cut, prototype new materials, 3D complex surfaces and so on
Find solution of your material
For cutting metals, waterjet cutting is the most versatile cutting method compared to laser and plasma cutting. Waterjet cutting can be used to cut thicker metals, including titanium and aluminum.
Abrasive water jet cutting technology is a great method for cutting glass because it allows for contours and shapes that cannot be achieved with other cutting machines at a reasonable cost.
Water jet machines are perfect for creating corporate logos in decorative designs on walls or inlaid into floors, countertop parts, faucet and sinkholes as well as a smoother radius off sharp edges of slabs cut with saws.
Waterjet can process softer materials, such as leather, rubber, etc. Smooth incision, no deformation, no need for secondary processing.
Find solution of your material